Santa Barbara


In the plain which leads one into the sun-drenched area of the Salento Peninsula, wedged between the Provinces of Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce, there is a small country town called San Pietro Vernotico, where one finds the winery of the "Santa Barbara"
Farmers' Cooperative, which has been operative since 1983.

The Cooperative controls around 50 hectares (125 acres) of vineyards, trained principally using bush and espalier systems, and lying between Cellino San Marco and San Pietro Vernotico. The grape varieties planted are the traditional ones of the zone - especially Negro Amaro and Primitivo - with some vines that are even 40-50 years old.

Among the projects that the company's staff has put into effect is a plan to experiment on and recover a long-abandoned indigenous Puglian grape variety, Susumaniello, on which Santa Barbara has already carried out some micro-vinifications with a view to blending it with Negro Amaro and Primitivo.