Premium Wine Selection


PWS follows all the wine process, from the vine to the bottling, to the marketing, release on the market, logistic and distribution.

The eno-technical staff of Premium Wine Selection, made from Silvano Piacentini, General Manager, Armando Vesco, enologue and Giorgio Barbero enologue, is selecting and finalising wines coming from several Italian regions, also with brand names of Pws itself. Our enologues follow as well the constant technical supervision and quality control of the selected wineries, to guarantee the excellent quality of the products. The aim of this initiative is that of presenting and offering selected products, with an excellent relationship quality-price.

These are some of our criteria:

  • Wineries and farms of family tradition and property even since their establishment.
  • High quality of the products and competitive prices.
  • Distribution carried out by PWS all over the world, in order to pledge univocal sale philosophy, always paying attention to the requirements of the different market, which can change years passing by.
  • High quality service: our enologues collaborate with those of the wineries, to obtain high quality wines, in respect of tradition and market needs.



A 6.500 square meters warehouse, at controlled temperature and modernly equipped, guarantees constant availability of the products, efficiency, quality and service to the customer.